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Put A Purpose On It!

The common question that comes to mind when starting a business is, should I focus on my business or should I focus on my brand?

The answer to this question is, you should focus on building a brand, not just a business. A brand is everything that relates to your business. This is how clients will come to know you. That's why it is very important that you Put A Purpose On It!

So, whether you are trying to start a new business, get your brand off the ground or feeling stuck, let’s find the perfect solution to get your brand ready and prepared.

During this 4 to 6 Hour workshop, you will learn the following:

  • Build a brand with purpose; internally and externally

  • Target the right audience

  • Market your brand

  • Keep your brand appeal

  • Identify your brands multiple streams of income

Once you begin to understand the concepts of your brand, you will be fully prepared to jump start all of your ideas and build a strong and consistent brand.

Don't miss out on this opportunity! Come learn how to build a brand from the inside out, find clarity within your brand or perfect the brand you have already built.

Join us for a day of fun and laughter as you begin to learn to love your brand.

For more information about sponsorship/vending opportunities or to reserve a seat, please contact the city host below or visit


  • Samantha Toney-Williams (Richmond, VA)

  • Phone: 757-505-0020

  • Email:

  • Erika King (Charlotte, NC)

  • Ph: 704-905-5066

  • Email:

  • Tamika Douglas (Mt. Vernon, NY)

  • Email:

  • Beverly Franks (Washington, DC)

  • Ph: 202-487-1929

  • Email:

Hope to see you there!

Brand Coach LaLa

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