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Putting the time and effort into yourself

When we invest time in ourselves, we see the value of our vision. LaLa Pens and K Town discuss the video "Take Advantage". This video shows how people are always busy preparing to rush off for others, but will not invest the time that it takes to explore their own ambitions.

Every morning the alarm clock sounds. We push the snooze button to give us a little more time. Taking in the last moment, we open our eyes and realize that after fighting through traffic we may be late to punch the clock. Our minds wander as we do our morning prep. Dressing and rushing out the door, we turn back to get that timeless piece of metal that ticks throughout the day. This metal timekeeper is a constant reminder that time waits for no one, but many don't view it as such. Many use their watches to see if they are getting closer to the time for lunch or if it's time for the to leave work, but what if you started watching the time to invest in yourself?

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