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Of course we know that your time is valuable and sometimes you may forget to remember to post on your social media pages, but are you helping your brand or hurting your brand? For everyday that you miss informing the world about who you are and what it is you do, is a missed opportunity to generate sales, gain new customers and bring awareness to your identity. At iZiggy Promotions, we help you to maintain a balance between your day-to-day activities and your brand. By managing your brands social media, we will help to strengthen your social voice. 'Social Media' is about conversations and community and we use innovative strategies to drive sales, increase brand engagement and create passionate communities, creating your Brand Effect.

We have innovative solutions for your brand that include the following:

iZiggy Promotios Social Media Branding
iZiggy Promotions Brand Advocates

Our staff delivers a positive and engaging  experience for your brand through training and vast amounts of experience. Our brand advocates become a part of your brand through our face-to-face marketing techniques to reach other consumers and help generate sales and build a larger database for your company. 

We believe that 'Brand Advocates' should act as an "EXPERT ON DEMAND." They study your brand and products to deliver powerful sale drives and pitches. 

The power of your brand starts with identification. Our experts work through the "Power of Influence" to bring awareness to your brand on all social media platforms. Through imagery and cooperative social content, we influence others to organically become a part of your brand. 

iZiggy Promotions Product Placement
iZiggy Promotions Email Marketing

Have you ever wondered how other businesses/brands get their products on television or magazines? Try product placement. Our team helps you to find the ideal opportunities for your brand to stand out. 

We know how important it is to get the word out, that's why our Email & SMS Targeting program is important. With this program, you will do targeted email campaigns and SMS campaigns to reach new consumers about your products or events to help you increase awareness.


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