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Hustle Hard to Make Your Dreams Come True

Hustle Hard by LaLa Pens Brand Coach

I found this picture at Ross one day when I was looking for new trinkets to add to my office. I placed it in the basket and continued to walk along the back aisle and shuffle through picture after picture to add to my collection. I contemplated over if this was going to be a positive message, because everything that had the word hustle connected to it throughout my lifetime was not so pure. Yet, I could not take this piece out of my cart. After picking up my aromatherapy candles and a cute gold globe for my desk, I made my way to the wraparound line. The woman in front of me had 2 Boys and a Girl, one short of my everyday tag-a-longs (3 Boys & 1 Girl). As the woman made her way to the checkout, she was strategically handing items to the clerk. I knew what that was all about; staying within the budget. When she was almost at her limit, she started putting things back. Her children were saying, “But Mom, I really wanted that!”, as with any mother, our go to is, “you can get it the next time.” And that was all I needed to hear to get my newly added wonder. Her words reminded me of those days when I had to pick and choose to feed my dreams or provide for my family. I always HUSTLE HARD in everything that I do! And it never stops!!! From sun up to sun down, I’m busy hustling for my brand. WHY? Because I AM MY BRAND! Her words really said and did something to me. I felt some kind of way about it. “You can get it the next time." I have taken every risk possible and I still seek all avenues and opportunities to enhance my brand, so why did I have to wait until the next time to get my wall covering? HUSTLE HARD is one of the things that drives me daily. So, I placed HUSTLE HARD on the counter first! It made me feel like I was purchasing a brand new Louie V Bag. The visions of where it was going to be placed danced around in my head. Each thought gave it more meaning. Nothing in life is easy, you have to put in the work if you want to gain the benefits and rewards. Everyone has some fight in them and everyone has sacrificed something. Not all of the decisions we've made have been the best nor have the choices that we've chosen always led us to doing the right things, but if you learned a lesson, you've gained a blessing. Is anything in life easy? HECK NO!!! That’s why this message stands strong for me. Because no matter what I do, I have to #HUSTLEHARD Because I know that you are a person who HUSTLES HARD just like I do, I want you to grab every opportunity that the world has to offer you. Take the risk and grab your wings and fly. Don't let anything stand in your way of overcoming and fighting through. Turn your past into your brightest future and never forget to #HUSTLEHARD

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