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Ready, Set & Inspired for Greatness in 2018

LaLa Pens Brand Coach

Whew! 2017 had it's ups and downs, more ups though. I traveled the world, made new friends and lost some that were of no value to my vision. I found unconditional love within myself and I learned how to remove things from my life with ease and comfort, and it didn't hurt that I accomplished the goals that I set for MY BRAND & BUSINESSES this year. One of the things that really impacted my life this year, was my POWER STATEMENT! Yes, I said, POWER STATEMENT! This is the statement that I say to myself everyday. I had to tweak it some throughout the year, but I finally put it into perspective one day when I was listening to Tasha Cobbs song "Wonderful Grace" on her new album. I had the words, but they weren't aligned correctly until I heard that song. My power statement for 2017 is and will still walk into 2018 with me is: "I AM BEAUTIFUL, I AM WONDERFUL, I AM POWERFUL AND I AM FULL OF GOD'S AMAZING GRACE!" As you walk into your new beginning, I want you to find you power statement, stick with it and live it. You are your BRAND. You are the most important thing that will happen for your BRAND. Be humble in your movements and always look at your reflection in the mirror and ask, "How are you living and What are you motivated by?" As we prepare for the clock to strike 12 and the ball to drop, I want you to watch this motivational video to encourage you that nothing can stop you, but you. It inspired me and I know it will inspire you to. Be safe and Happy New Year and Happy New You!

XOXO- Love Always, LaLa Pens

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