The holidays are approaching and your brand cannot miss out on the opportunity of being seen or heard. This is the time of year for those who did not know about you, to learn about you! You need a strategic plan to capture your audiences and help you to break through the barriers of being unnoticed. 

Join us at our monthly meetup to learn new ways on how to effectively market your brand and captur new audiences. 

Join Brand Coach LaLa (LaShawn Walls) and others as we assist you with tips on how to market during the holidays and not get lost in the crowd. 

Please bring your laptops/tablets, paper and pen to take plenty of notes.

Please RSVP at 

Once you begin to understand the concepts of your brand, you will be fully prepared to jump start all of your ideas and build a strong and consistent brand. 

Join us for an evening of fun and laughter as you begin to learn to love your brand

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