Don't just sell hair extensions,

become a one stop shop for your clients!

We do the work, you make the money!

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Brand My Hair Bundles is a unique program that offers you the opportunity to sell hair extensions and offer marketing materials to your clients. If you are here, you are thinking about adding another stream of income and as a top seller in the industry, you don't want your clients shuffling through other websites for logos and other branding materials. Why not become a one-stop shop for them to buy hair and branding materials from you. 

Do more with your

hair extension brand!

You already have a hair extension brand, so why not add another element to it?


What if you could not only help a business by providing them with hair extensions, but offer them a way to brand their products too? Who doesn't want to add another stream of income to their brands? 


To become an affiliate of Brand My Hair Bundles, all you would need to do is join! If you have a website, we will add the information to your website. If you just want to make some extra cash, join and sell the products.

Whether you have a website or you just want to be a sales representative, you still make the same amount of money. If you have a website, the program will be placed inside of your website and we will load all of the products that you will be able to sell. If you are a sales rep, you will receive marketing materials and other informational items to sell the products.


All of the products come with a markup of 35-50% from our original price. (Example: Our Price $130, Your Price $195 - tax & shipping would be included, if they are ordering products that needs to be shipped). Just for making the sell, you would make an easy $65 just for making the sell.


Once your client makes the purchase, you would visit our site and purchase the product. If the item is on sale for the week, you make even more extra cash! There are not hidden fees, just a one time set up fee and that's it!

All items that are purchased and have to be shipped will be mailed with the label of Brand My Hair Bundles and your company's address on it, so there's no mistaking anything. We will become a part of your team. If a client needs to speak with a member of the team, a conference call will be set up so there is not direct contact from your client to us. We are your branding and marketing team, so we will be working for you. 

We do not touch any of your funds, we are a wholesaler of branding and marketing materials for you, so you never have to worry about when you get paid, you get paid immediately once the sell has been made. The only thing you will pay us is for the products that your client has paid for.

ANOTHER ADDED PERK - when you need branding materials, you get an extra 15% off your items for being a part of the affiliate program. 

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By joining the program, you will be given product information for 19 products. A product and profit sheet, along with marketing materials will be given so you can become familiar with your pricing and get to know your products. 

All of the items that we design are custom to your clients. After they make their purchase, you will complete an online form for your client and submit it to us. Once the project is complete, you will receive an email from us to forward to your client. They will receive a proof of the project to let you know what they like or what needs to be changed. We will make up to three changes to their items. After the third change, they will owe more money...but no worries there, clients usually choose quickly from the designs.

Brand My Hair Bundles Custom Logo

Custom Designed Logo

Brand My Hair Bundles Business Cards

Business Cards

Brand My Hair Bundles Hair Tags

Hair Tags

Brand My Hair Bundles

Custom Logo & Business Cards

Brand My Hair Bundles

Logo, Business Cards & Hair Tags

Brand My Hair Bundles

Logo, Business Cards and Bundle Wraps

Brand My Hair Bundles

Logo, Business Cards, Hair Tags, Digital Flyer, Timeline Banner

Brand My Hair Bundles

Logo, Business Cards, Hair Tags, Promotional Flyer

Brand My Hair Bundles

Digital Flyer

Brand My Hair Bundles

Promotional Flyer

Brand My Hair Bundles

Social Media Timeline Banner

Brand My Hair Bundles

Custom Stickers/Labels

Brand My Hair Bundles

Bundle Wraps

Brand My Hair Bundles

Edge Control Labels

Brand My Hair Bundles

Eyelash Labels

Brand My Hair Bundles

Car Magnets

Brand My Hair Bundles

Retractable Banner

Brand My Hair Bundles

Table Cloth

Brand My Hair Bundles

Custom T-Shirt